Mudasser Iqbal Khan

The Tyres Experts CEO Mudasser Iqbal Khan talks customer service, innovation and aggressive growth.

From humble beginnings and counting of managerial experience under his belt, The Tyres Experts CEO Mudasser Iqbal Khan brings a down-to-earth approach to leadership where the customer is at the forefront

My father who is in tyres business since 1979 would say, ‘Put on your customer’s shoes.’ It was the best piece of advice I’ve ever been given.

If you think like a customer, you can service the customer better. Now, I often have to remind myself to put on my customer’s shoes, even though I might still need my corporate shoes on as well sometimes. But, doing this is key to ensuring that the customer always has a voice about every element in your company.

We’re calling it our journey from good to great, Customer experience is at the heart of the Tyre Experts, safety and surety is in our DNA. So, as part of our new strategy moving forward, we will be very focused around this message that is promoted by our new slogan, ‘Think Safety think Tyre Experts advice’.

“If you think like a customer, you can service the customer better.”

While we are definitely a tyre Importer, wholesaler and retailer, We offer customers a free auto inspection, called a Experts Inspect, where we check key safety and mechanical items while they wait for their tyres to be replaced or repaired. What we’re doing is really starting to educate the consumers and our customers that we are in the auto space as well, and we’re open for business.

We have an aggressive digital engine – our website attracts more than 100,000 visitors a month. But, if there wasn’t a store within a specific radius of where that customer was researching tyres, then we wouldn’t be able to service that customer effectively.

It’s a feat that wouldn’t be possible without the support of key suppliers and partnerships like BOTO, TRACMAX, JKC Tyres.

We have eight major brands that we work very closely with because of the differences in the market with new technology and tyres. These partnerships are vital because they ensure that Tyre Experts is a premium retailer with the most up-to-date information and latest technology as it rolls out.

We have an aggressive growth strategy. We have a really good brand. We have a great customer philosophy, and a growing value proposition. We’re up for the challenge.