Use of automobile tires

    The tire metaphor people wear shoes, this may not be a bad idea, but did not listen to said sole burst could be fatal story, and the tyre burst cause fatal message is heard. From this point of view, the importance of the tire to the vehicle far more than the importance of shoes. Therefore, the correct use of the tire and not only on the car running state has an impact on the safety of the car is more important.

   The correct use of the tire first to know the tire, know the first to know the tire to see the signs on the tire. Such as Guangzhou accord 2.3i of the tire mark is 195 / 65R15 (91v), it said tread width 195 mm, the height to width ratio of 65 R15 to radial tires, tire diameter 15 inches, load index 91 said maximum carrying capacity of 615 kg, speed code V, said safe speed is 240 km. Some tire is labeled m + s, said the application of mud, snow, tubeless said tubeless, TreadWear said tread wear index. For car tire, one of the important parameters is high aspect ratio, is flat rate, it is according to the formula (H / W) & times; 100% and that, type H refers to the height of the transverse cross section of the tire and w the maximum width of the both sides of the tyre. The smaller the formula, the more flat the cross section of the tire. Some of the owners in order to make the car better driving stability, like to switch to a low aspect ratio tire, for the exchange of different ratio of height to width of the tire, the best to the same diameter based, if the tire diameter and rim diameter remains unchanged, the width and height than the lower tread will appear to be more broad, contact surface will more, make the car driving and steering is more stable. If is not the same as the tire diameter must be replaced together with the wheel rim, it involves range is larger, such as wheel drum is connected block matching, suspension geometry parameters and turning radius may have relevance, we must carefully, the best car factory service point of contact with the choice.

    For the daily use of tires is concerned, to pay attention to the issue of tire pressure. Some people think that the tire is caused by too much air into the tyre pressure, that is not a big problem, it is very one-sided. General car speed is very fast, the shape of the tire in a high frequency alternating state, if insufficient air pressure deformation will increase, tread on both sides of the tread will be excessive wear, carcass was unable to resist the pressure of the ground and distorted, due to high temperature and accelerate the tire wear, eventually leading to a blowout. If pressure is too large will tire excellent lost due to the elastic and damping capacity, not only grip variation, central tread excessive wear will produce the phenomenon of uneven tread depth, tire under high-speed operation also may be unable to withstand the excessive swelling pressure and burst. So the tire pressure is too high or too low the risk of puncture, not pressure problems. In accordance with the standard pressure required to maintain tire manufacturers, including spare tire pressure. The measurement of the tire pressure can be used to measure the tire pressure by itself, but it is necessary to measure the condition of the normal temperature of the tire, because the result of the measurement in the hot tire is not accurate.

    In addition, the tire should be exchanged every ten thousand km position, why do you want to swap position? Because the car engines are located in the front, the front and rear axle load distribution is not the same; car in the braking process due to the effect of inertia, the front wheel load typically accounts for all load of automobile 70% – 80%, four tire load since inequality, will inevitably lead to the large front wheel tire wear. In order to alleviate this phenomenon, the best way is to use the position of the swap approach.

    In the operation of the car, should try to avoid the sudden acceleration, brake and emergency brake, which is not only on the mechanical properties of the car itself is good, the life of the tire is also good. If repeated urgent acceleration, emergency brake, a sharp turn, not normal driving, will cause the tire deformation sharply, crown uneven wear, tear of longitudinal grooves, tire inner temperature rise, cord fatigue, so that the tire is easy to burst the dangerous state.

    The tyre should be checked regularly. Tire balance is divided into two types of dynamic balance and static balance. Dynamic imbalance will make the wheel swing, so that the tire generated wave wear; static imbalance will produce bumps and beating phenomenon, often make the tire flat spot phenomenon. Therefore, the regular detection of the balance can not only extend the life of the tire, but also improve the stability of the car when driving, avoid the high speed when the tire swing, beating, losing control of traffic accidents.

   The same car can not be mixed two different tire specifications. Radial tire, bias tire lateral force is different, if the two different kinds of tyre also installed on the same shaft, it will cause to excessive or insufficient, or easy to cause skidding, to a lesser extent affect vehicle maneuverability and flexibility, severe cases can crash. Therefore, the different structure can not be mixed the same wheel tire. The tire replacement should to have special machinery and equipment of the professional shop to change, avoid using the old method of hammers and crowbars to avoid hurting the hub of fetal injury.

As for the tire out, to see the degree of wear of the tire, when there are wear signs to show when it is to be replaced. Generally speaking, the service life of the tyre recommends is forty thousand kilometers, if driving fewer miles, when you use the time more than two years also proposed to replace, because the rubber material under the influence of environment, a long time will have deterioration with aging phenomenon, prone to cracking, when used without occurrence of accident free.