How to maintain a tire

    Many owners usually ignore the maintenance of tires, wait until the tire out of the problem, the need to spend a few hundred dollars or even a thousand dollars to replace the time, they will love the wallet, blame themselves why not normally protect the good tires. According to our experience of the use of the car, the daily maintenance of a good tire if there is no doubt can improve the service life of the tire.

    To protect the tyres, the most basic point is to understand the changes in the pressure of the tire, especially in the winter and summer, the change of the large tire pressure. Because the tire pressure is too high or too low to a certain extent, reduce the life of the tire, so it is necessary to observe the change of the tire pressure. What is the normal tire pressure, as long as the view is the main driving a tank cover or door of the tire pressure can be crystal clear logo. Also give you recommend owners, usually it is best to carry fetal pressure gauge and pump, saw strange tire can also be yourself to re set the tire pressure.

    Secondly, we need to make the dynamic balance of the tyre and the four wheel alignment. Most of the maintenance manual will give the owner a four wheel positioning of the recommended number of kilometers, the benefits of doing so is as far as possible to make the tire wear and more uniform, to extend the service life of the tire.

   Because the tire is a rubber products, there will be an aging process, so usually have some measures to prevent its aging. If the tires are stained with oil, cleaning agents and other chemical agents, preferably in a short period of time to clean, because these chemicals are most of the chemical reaction with the rubber, to accelerate the aging of the tire. Usually also as far as possible in the car parked in a cool place, avoid the sun to the tire.

   Have seen many owners after blowing a tire, do not know how to change a tire, forced open to tire, this approach is completely in the scrap tire. After the tire is short of gas, the contact surface extends to the wall of the tyre. Generally speaking, the sidewall is relatively fragile and relatively thin place, if it is still forced to travel, it is equal to the wear and tear of the wall. At the same time, this approach is also possible to make “ wound ” deterioration, and ultimately lead to the tire can not be repaired. So it is possible to continue the car tires.

   In addition, usually have to clean up a variety of foreign body on the tires. Although the tire tread Neckar to stones and other things is very common, but sometimes its these humble little things thorn tyre burst, so the usual to keeping the tires as clear as possible.

   In addition to some of the above considerations, the driving habits of good or bad can also affect the life of the tire. Especially in the driving process, if you encounter potholes, or in the best low speed through the most secure. Fast through potholes will cause great impact on the tire, especially for some low flat rate of tyre (such as a flat rate of tires in the 45 years of age are considered is a low flat rate of tires) should pay attention to. Our long test car has been a lot of similar situations, light is the tire drum package, heavy tire on the spot scrap. Of course, not to say that the flat rate of high tire on the right, but the probability is relatively low. Also need to pay more attention to the road when driving a road, the road is also a hidden tire killer, and sometimes the wall and the road teeth gently touch, it is likely to cause the tire scrap.