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Strategic Direction of Tyre Experts



We Commit


To continually strengthen our position as the dominant independent wholesaler in
the Pakistan Tyre market.


We Will


Be aggressive in anticipating and satisfying customer needs. Extend our leadership in customer service. Develop the most comprehensive range of quality products. Develop and nurture long-term supplier relations including product development input. Provide the best technical assistance.

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The Tyre Experts family culture by promoting two-way open communication teamwork and personal development. Provide all employees with incentive to maximize personal performance.


Enhance and promote the organisation’s image and products.


Maintain quality assurance and safety programs. Minimize operating expenditure through group economies, best practice and effective use of technology.

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Achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty;

Provide job security and best-of-industry rewards for our employees;


Build an organisation to which employees are proud to belong and further development of The Tyre Experts.

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